Sunday, December 13, 2009

New project (Hummer HMMWV H1 project)

So I discovered a little company that makes H1 kits called the Urban Gorilla. A kit-car of sorts, for trucks, transforming them into HMMWV (Hummer) look-a-likes. How kewl is that?

Check them out:

I've just acquired the donor vehicle. A 1986 Chevy Silverado. Good times ahead! It's already lifted a bit and in great condition. See pic.

I am planning on starting this project early spring 2010. Hoping around late March or Early April. My goal is a close-to-military spec in appearance.

I've created a blog, specifically for this project. Check it out.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Some quick Solaris 10 Fault Manager Daemon notes

fmd - fault manager daemon commands:

# Display current faults:
fmdump faulty

# View fault files:

# View error log files:
fmdump -e

# View previous log file:
fmdump /var/fmd/fmd/errlog.1

# Rotate log files - you may have to stop and start fmd if the process is
# too busy to rotate the files. This could be a catch 22, the fmd process
# must be running to rotate the files.

# Rotate error log files:
fmadm rotate errlog

# Rotate fault log files:
fmadm rotate fltlog

# Log files:
root@yourbox# ll
root sys 3 dir rwx------ 512 16:32:06 06/25/2009 ckpt
root root 1 file rw-r--r-- 44,427,432 12:55:28 11/18/2009 errlog
root root 1 file rw-r--r-- 1,774,698 12:05:24 11/18/2009 fltlog
root sys 2 dir rwx------ 512 12:05:24 11/18/2009 rsrc
root sys 2 dir rwx------ 512 09:24:38 06/24/2008 xprt
There are 5 items and 46.20MB (46,203,666 bytes) in /var/fm/fmd

# View fmd processes:
root@yourbox# ps -ef | grep fmd
root 9042 1 0 12:03:30 ? 2:25 /usr/lib/fm/fmd/fmd
root 25435 25261 0 12:54:51 pts/1 0:00 grep fmd

# Stop and start fmd:
svcadm disable svc:/system/fmd:default
svcadm enable svc:/system/fmd:default