Thursday, February 23, 2006

My RAID goes poo-poo :-(

So, I lost about 2 TB (2 Terrabytes, for the uninformed) yesterday. Waaaaa!

I am so freakin not happy. I won't go into what I lost, but you can
use your imagination and figure it out.


I was using RAID in Mac OSX (Panther 10.4.x). Yes, I know better.
Software RAID is not the best solution, but hey, I was trying to be

I was adding a drive to the RAID and, as it turns out, the drive I was
adding was bad. Ack! Not only did it not work, but it also blew away
the device map for the RAID layout, thus, now I can't get to the data
that is on the existing layout.

I discovered the diskutil command (man diskutil) and disktool. No joy.
Too far gone.

So alas, I will be rebuiling my RAID in the next few days and
re-populating my "ahem, content". So many off-site beta copies are
gone :-P Guess I need to get to installing my DLT bot and configure
Netbackup, heh.


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