Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My rant on Sun Management Center and Sun Web Console...

You know, I was happy to see that SunMC included Zone (Containers) support and decided to give it a look, for our environment.

The problem is, that it's only supported in the Sun Web Console, which, as most of us know by now, is buggy as hell.

So, I picked a server to be the Management server, installed the latest Solaris 10 OS ( s10s_u6wos_07b SPARC ) and hit the ground, running.

First of all, then setup process for the MC is tedious and very time consuming, not to mention, installing all of the agents on each host, that you want to manage. Thenm you have to setup the agents and what-not, on each host. Ugh.

So, got it all set up and was ready to try out the SunMC module in the Web Console. This is where I discovered that it was missing. Damnit. So, while I was on the system, I decided to look at the ZFS layout, before I dug into troubleshooting.

Guess what? Update 6 breaks the ZFS module. WTF??? (Do a Google search. It's all over the place that it's broken).

I love it when Sun releases broken software, don't you?

After numerous Google searches, I discover that the ZFS break is a known issue and Sun's working on a fix, heh. Well, during my troubleshooting with Sun on the MC, I get a supposed fix for ZFS module, but that's another rant (it didn't work. Naturally).

So... I call Sun, open a case and start work on "fixing" the Web Module for SunMC.

I won't go into all of the gory details, but suffice it to say that after 4 weeks of daily patches, scripts, various start/stops and other various actions, it's still broken. Not only that, it's worse off. Now the Sun Web COnsole is totally useless.

I don't know who Sun has hired for their development staff, but they should be taken out back and shot in the head. This is a glorious piece of shit.

Some quick notes on some things to do, when troubleshooting. Feel free to look up these, to see their functions:

Project file entry for SunMC:
# wcadmin list
# wcadmin list --detail -a

Starting web console (sunmcweb):
# svccfg -s svc:/system/webconsole setprop options/tcp_listen = true
# smcwebserver restart

- Setup:
# /opt/SUNWsymon/lib/sbin/ -setup
# smcwebserver restart

# svcadm clear system/webconsole:console
# svcadm enable system/webconsole:console
# /usr/share/webconsole/private/bin/wcremove -i console
# wcadmin deploy -a zfs -x zfs /usr/share/webconsole/webapps/zfs
# svcadm clear system/webconsole:console
# smcwebserver start
# netstat -an|grep 6789

*.6789 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN

make sure it's not: localhost.6789 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN

If it is, then you need to do:
# smcwebserver stop
# svccfg -s svc:/system/webconsole setprop options/tcp_listen = true
# svcadm refresh svc:/system/webconsole
# /usr/share/webconsole/private/bin/wcremove -i console
# svcadm clear system/webconsole:console
# smcwebserver start

It should now read:
*.6789 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN
Patches tried to address the issues:
141104-01 <-- Specific for ZFS.
You can download the Java console to re-install from:

Then run:

./setup -u

This will uninstall the JWC altogether. After that, run:


If you wanted to test at this point, you would:
# svcadm clear webconsole
# svcadm restart webconsole
and you should be able to access the basic Java Web Console (this is the last thing tried, per Sun support siggestion, that made the Web Console totally useless, BTW).

also fix zfs, continue:

2.) Install the patch 141104-01 [OR 141105-01 for x86] (specific to zfs) (also attached)

3.) then wcadmin deploy zfs:

wcadmin deploy -a zfs -x zfs /usr/share/webconsole/webapps/zfs

4.) svcadm clear webconsole ; svcadm restart webconsole

Then Clear cache and cookies in your browser, and test the JWC and the ZFS.


I'll update, if this EVER gets fixed.

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