Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Puppy dog tales...

So last Friday, the GF brought home a stray she found. She (The dog) was wondering around a busy parking lot, at Hobby Lobby.

I am a HUGE animal lover, especially when it comes to dogs, but we already have a large-breed (Rhodesian Ridgeback) spoiled-rotten-and-much-loved furry son and taking on another dog, another large-breed (she's def has Lab in her), at that, doesn't make for a happy Wrex.

So, I am trying to give her away to a good home. It's hard. I totally understand why she rescued the dog and I am actually happy that the dog is safe. I just don't want to get sucked-in, into wanting to keep her. She's so damn cute and adorable!

I've got to get rid of her soon, else I won't be able to part with her, lol.

Alright, don't take my man-card away. Just look at her and see what I mean.

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Wrex Allen said...

You know, I never updated this.

My fears came true. I fell in love with her, rather quickly and she's still with us, today. Lol.