Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Does your office use Cisco VPN and you want to connect with Linux?

Here's how I do it with Ubuntu:

VPN from ubuntu linux:

Download vpnc and kvpnc
- vpnc is a Cisco compatible VPN client
- kvpnc is a vpn clients frontend for KDE

- Install them as follows:
sudo apt-get install vpnc
sudo apt-get install kvpnc

For Gnome integration, grab the following (Thanks Jason C.!):
sudo apt-get install network-manager-vpnc-gnome

-After the install go to Applications->Internet and click on the KVpnc shortcut
KVpnc vpn application will be launched (or in a term window as root, type in kvnc &) .
-Click on the Profile menu and choose Import Cisco pcf file and choose the pcf file
-Now click on the Connect button in the right. You can also change your profile settings, should you need to, here.
-Use Terminal Server Client to remote or rdp to a windows box, if so desired.

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CJ said...

Sweet article...Any idea on how to connect to a VPN using the AnyConnect technology via Linux?