Monday, March 27, 2006

VCS Simulator

I am currently testing Veritas Cluster Server simulator, and setting
up a copy of our Production clusters on my Windows desktop.

After installing the simulator, open a command window and set up the
config for the cluster by running:

hasim -setupclus <name> -simport <port>

Then copy the .cf files from /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config on the cluster,
to $SIMROOT/VCS Simulator/<name>/conf/config.

Afterwards, run:

hasim -start <system> -clus <name>

Where <system> is a system in the cluster named <cluster> that you
created before. You can then start up the VCS Cluster Monitor, and
point it to the port that you specified when creating the cluster on
the desktop.

This should have brought up that system in the cluster, and you can
then start up the other systems in the simulator. From this point you
can test failing over, adding new systems and resources, and just test
it all out without the hassle of having the hardware duplicated.

You can download the simulator for free (Registration required):

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